Banks Pierce actor 2023-02

Banks Pierce is an Asian American theatrical and voice actor.

He’s from Orange County, CA and started producing his own YouTube content in 2nd grade. Banks broke onto the acting scene with his bad boy roles on YouTube’s Dhar Mann, garnering 10-15M views per episode. He’ll debut on the big screen in 2025 as lead in Luke Greenfield’s Playdate, along with Alan Ritchson (Reacher) and Kevin James (King of Queens). Banks also stars in Mr. Christmas (2024).

Banks is also a happy-go-lucky voice for Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol’s Rubble, along with other marquee characters in yet-to-be-released titles for Disney Pixar and other studios. He voices Corey in Kara Holden and David Kriezman’s Discovering Dad podcast (2024).

Outside of work, Banks enjoys working on important student council matters such as suggesting and passing by landslide vote the ability for students to wear school-branded sweats to school on Tuesdays. Banks loves playing baseball, football, basketball and pickleball and is an avid skier. He’s rarely idle and indeed moves at the speed of light!

Banks works hard and brings a super focused attitude sprinkled in with comedic flair in everything he does.  

  • Height: 4’11”

  • Weight: 90 lb.

  • Hair: sandy blonde

  • Eyes: blue

  • Voice: textured

  • Shoes: 6

  • Sports: baseball (short stop, catcher), football (QB), skiing, tennis, golf (certified youth), boogie boarding, soccer (striker), tae kwon-do (black belt), pickleball (intermediate)

  • Instruments: piano, clarinet, drums

Management: Bohemia Group

Susan Ferris (323) 462-5800

Bohemia Group

VO, Theatrical, Commercial: CESD

Melissa Berger Brennan and Carol Lynn Sher

(310) 475-3336